4 Major Benefits of Professional Water Damage Cleanup

Partner With a Professional for Water Restoration

When your property has water damage, it can be tempting to consider DIY water damage cleanup methods. However, having a professional water damage restoration team on your side guarantees you a level of expertise and access to industry equipment that you otherwise would not have. We’re exploring four major benefits to hiring a certified water restoration service provider for your home.

The Advantages Of Hiring A Professional Water Damage Cleanup Crew

If you come home to find water, contact the professionals at Armstrong Cleaning & Restoration right away. We respond 24/7/365 to stabilize your property and salvage the space. Here are four major perks of hiring us:

1. Safety is Paramount

Believe it or not, water damage can pose a huge danger. Between electrical shock, exposure to pathogens, and carbon monoxide you’ve got a serious situation on your hands. Add any subsequent mold growth into the mix and the circumstances become even more dire. The Armstrong Cleaning & Restoration team is able to safely identify structural damages and risks that you might not be aware of. Safety is our first and foremost concern to ensure a successful restoration job.

2. Recover From Disaster Faster

Water continues to cause damage with every passing second. Therefore, a fast response is essential to minimizing your losses. Standing water and leaks that are left unmitigated can result in hefty bills and significant hazards. As a 24-hour restoration company, we respond when you need it most to begin taking corrective action. Not only do we work day or night, we have all hands on deck to ensure we have the equipment and manpower needed to handle disasters both big and small.

3. Expertise

Water damage is a sensitive situation that requires an in-depth science to fix. Homeowners often become impatient during the DIY drying process and often miss moisture that is logged in building materials. By choosing a professional water damage cleanup team, you will have knowledge and expertise on your side. We know to look for moisture under baseboards, inside walls, in drawers, and other areas that might otherwise go undetected.

4. Industry Equipment

You may believe that your oscillating fan is enough to dry out water damage. However, the average homeowner is ill-equipped to mitigate their own water damage. FreshStart has access to sophisticated tools and drying equipment that helps us complete the restoration process quickly and efficiently. Let us make easy work of your water loss.

Professional Water Damage Restoration is the Way to Go

At Armstrong Cleaning & Restoration we recognize the importance of fast water extraction and drying in preventing further damage to your property and possessions. Our prioritization of safety, around-the-clock response, proven expertise, and access to premium equipment all speak to the benefits of partnering with a professional water damage cleanup company. Let us help you get back to your normal routine sooner!

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