4 Carpet Hazards to Avoid at all Costs

You want your carpets to look and feel their best. After all, the state of your home speaks volumes to your guests. However, it can be challenging in day-to-day life to give attention to all of the areas that need care, particularly carpet. From pets and kids to foot traffic, spills, and debris, your carpets are expected to stand up to many pitfalls. While these are some of the more common culprits of carpet woes, there are many other carpet hazards you’ll want to avoid at all costs. Armstrong Cleaning is sharing four carpet hazards and how to avoid them.

Secret Carpet Killers & Why You Want to Avoid Them

You likely already take some precautions to keep your carpets health. From vacuuming and cleaning up stains immediately, this can go a long way. Unfortunately, the list of culprits is long. Here is what you should watch out for:

1. Excess Moisture & Water Damage

Spills happen, but what about large volumes of water? Left untreated, excess moisture is a serious carpet hazard. Water sinks deep down into the carpet’s fibers, and while it may seem like an easy drying job, this isn’t always the case. Without the proper water removal services, mold and mildew can quickly sprout in addition to compromising the structural stability of the floorboards beneath. Should you have a large spill, contact a water damage company for fast and effective assistance.

2. Amateur Carpet Cleaning

When you contact a carpet cleaning company, you expect to receive the best service. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Partnering with an inexperienced cleaner can leave moisture and cleaning product residues lodged deep within the carpet fibers. This can actually have the opposite effect of cleaning and attract even more dirt and debris.

DIY carpet cleaning attempts can have much the same effect. Instead of taking your chances, contact Armstrong Cleaning for expert carpet cleaning.

3. Improper Vacuuming

Again, you may believe that your vacuuming efforts are helping your carpets. While these actions are done in good faith, failure to vacuum properly can actually cause damage. Vacuum bristles that are too high will leave behind dust, dirt, and sediment. On the other hand, vacuum bristles that are set too low can pull and damage the carpet fibers. Opt for the height that provides a thorough clean without agitating the construction of the carpet.

4. The Wrong Cleaning Chemicals

Before using any carpet cleaning solutions across your floor fittings, perform a spot test on a small portion. Test a patch of carpet in the back of a closet to see the reaction. This step can save you the devastation of ruining all of your carpet.

Treat Your Carpets With the Love They Deserve

Your carpets do a lot of work to filter out toxins, contaminants, and particles. They also help your home look and feel cozy and comfortable. As such, you’ll want to give them the care they need to look and feel this way for years to come. Call Armstrong Cleaning for professional carpet cleaning services that help you achieve the home you want.

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