Oriental Rug Cleaning

Armstrong Cleaning specializes in hand washing of Oriental rugs of all ages and conditions. We are proud to service the Door County, Wisconsin Area.

Expert Oriental Rug Cleaning Services

The Rug Spa Refreshes Your Oriental Rug

Armstrong Cleaning’s first and foremost priority is the precise and detail oriented cleaning of your Oriental rugs. Whereas a different Oriental rug cleaning company might quickly vacuum off surface debris, we have developed a proprietary method that brings your rugs back to life. We successfully eliminate dirt, dust, and allergens without damaging your beloved floor furnishing.

Armstrong Cleaning is proud to serve the residents of Door County, Wisconsin, including Sturgeon Bay WI and surrounding areas. Once you book Oriental rug cleaning services, our team will come to your location, picking up the rug for a day at our RugSpa. Call us today for fast, effective, and professional Oriental rug cleaning services. We know the best way to clean your delicate, valuable rugs!

Door County’s Best Oriental Rug Cleaning Company

We Clean Oriental Rugs From Around the World

Oriental area rugs are a beautiful addition to your home. It is common to see Oriental rugs made of wool and silk. These hand-knotted rugs are celebrated and crafted in many different countries. Over the years, Armstrong Cleaning has developed a penchant for Oriental rug cleaning for rugs produced in the following areas:

  • China
  • Tibet
  • Nepal
  • Pakistan
  • Afghanistan
  • India
  • Turkey
  • Iran
  • And other Asian countries!

Professional Oriental Rug Dusting

Did you know that an Oriental rug can house up to 11 pounds – or more – of soil per square foot. One of the first matters of business when it comes to Oriental rug cleaning services is agitating the sediment, soil, and dirt trapped at the surface. Failing to perform Oriental rug dusting is taking a short cut that does not achieve the thorough clean for which Armstrong Cleaning strives.

Our Oriental rug dusting process eliminates all of the dirt that has built up. Once finished, your rug is ready for the rest of the Rug Spa.

Oriental Rug Clean Process

Customized Rug Bath

Once the processional Oriental rug dusting portion of the Oriental rug cleaning process is taken care of, we move on to the customized rug bath. Depending on the condition, type, and age of your rug, we will give both sides of your rug a gentle wash with a safe, yet highly effective Oriental rug shampoo.

Armstrong Cleaning strives to go above and beyond during the customized Oriental rug bath. Rather than simply offering Oriental rug surface cleaning services, our bath flushes all the soil from the rug.

Our professional Oriental rug bath flushes all soils and sediments from the rug, lengthening the lifespan of the floor fitting. This treatment is recommended every 2-3 years to keep your rug looking and feeling its best.

Fast & Effective Oriental Rug Drying System

With your rug fresh out of the bath, it is time for drying. Instead of allowing the rug to air dry, we groom and prepare it for our specialized Oriental rug drying process.

Armstrong Cleaning uses an advanced, patented Aero Tech machine to gently, yet fully suction the water from your Oriental rug. Based on our initial assessment of the rugs condition, your Oriental rug will be placed in the rug drying tower, where it is carefully suspended in the air to dry.

This critical difference in our Oriental rug cleaning process makes for successful rug cleaning services. Our method prevents the rug from becoming, moldy, smelly, or rotting as is common with flat drying.

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