Area Rug Repair

Armstrong Cleaning specializes in area rug repair in the Door County, Wisconsin area.

Area Rug Repair Services

Make Your Rugs Like New Again

Rugs often have a sentimental nostalgia that far outweighs the monetary value. For this reason, rips, tears, snags, holes, or a fringe fiasco can leave you heartbroken and wondering what to do. Instead of letting the damage continue to deteriorate, or throwing the rug out, area rug repair services are often the perfect solution.

Armstrong Cleaning offers professional area rug repair services in Door County, Wisconsin, including Sturgeon Bay and surrounding areas.  Our area rug repair technicians are experienced with a variety of machine and handmade rugs from around the world. You can trust us to handle your beloved rugs with the utmost respect. Book us for area rug repair services today and we’ll come pick up your rug for special care. By the time we are finished, your rug will be like new again!

Door County’s Best Area Rug Repair Company

Area Rug Repair by Armstrong Cleaning

Your rugs invite color, warmth, and appeal into to your home. Even still, a rug is not immune to significant wear and tear from traffic, heavy furniture placed, spills, and fiber-eating moths. With so many issues that could effect your rug, you want to know that you are working with a professional. Armstrong Cleaning gives you peace of mind that any of our area rug repairs will withstand the test of time.  

We offer area rug repair in Door County, Wisconsin and surrounding areas. As your trusted area rug repair company, we acknowledge that your rugs are an investment you want to last for years to come. Rely on our team to treat your floor coverings as we would our own. When you need area rug repair that you can trust, call Armstrong Cleaning today. 

Types of Area Rug Repairs

oriental rug reweaving

Oriental Rug Reweaving Services

Based on the value and extent of damage to your Oriental rug, we recommend Oriental rug reweaving. We clean damaged areas before sewing in new threads to match the texture and color of the original rug. Any holes are filled to rebuild the rug’s foundation. Our experts duplicate the original knots to make the repairs invisible to the untrained eye.

area rug backing repair

Area Rug Backing Repair

There are many different types of backings used on each and every type of rug. The purpose of the backing is to extend the rug’s life with an extra layer of protection. Some rug backings may even hold the rug’s knots in place. We replace old and worn-out area rug backing to restore the rug to like new condition.

area rug side cord repair

Area Rug Side Cord Repair

The side cords of your area rugs can take a real beating. Wear and tear results from foot traffic, vacuuming, pets, doors, and other sources. Armstrong Cleaning is able to restore the binding and edges with area rug side cord repair services in Door County, Wisconsin.

area rug fringe repair

Area Rug Fringe Repair

We first assess the type of fringe repair needed based on your area rug’s construction. Hand knotted edges are rewrapped by hand with special detail given to the color and structure. Machine made rugs undergo power fringing. We can also completely swap out the fringe with a vast array of colors and fabrics. Some of our clients remove the rug’s fringe for good.

area rug edge serging

Area Rug Edge Serging

The sides of your area rugs should be held intact with wool, cotton or synthetic thread to prevent unraveling. Edge serging offers a finished appearance. Our rug edge serging team offers hand and machine serging to match the construction of your rug.  Other repairs are made prior to serging to enhance durability.

area rug edge binding

Area Rug Edge Binding

Area rug edge binding is frequently utilized on a tufted carpet that has been cut into a rug. Narrow strips of fabric are placed over the rug’s raw edge to eliminate the possibility of fraying. Area rug edge binding provides a finished look for your floor fitting. Contact Armstrong Cleaning today!

area rug patching

Area Rug Patching

Over time, wear and tear, as well as improper care can cause holes in your area rugs. Area rug patching services are a cost effective and efficient way to restore the rug back to its original condition. Area rug patching works best when completed as soon as the hole is discovered.

Before & After Area Rug Repair

before area rug repair
after area rug repair
area rug fringe repair
fringe removal

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