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Transform your Dingy, Disgusting, and Dreary Carpet …To Sanitized, Clean, And Dry In Just 3-5 Hours!

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Using A Proprietary, Completely Green Cleaning Fluid Safe Enough To Drink.

How would you like to be free of the stress and worry you feel over your carpets? We know you do — that’s why we created our innovative soap-free cleaning technology. Many carpet cleaning companies leave unwanted residue behind, but we won’t stand for that. Our powerful cleaning trucks utilize deionized water that sanitizes and cleans your carpets and keep them residue free. You and all your family, friends, and pets can lay on your carpets, floors, mattresses, and upholstery without any fear of touching dangerous chemicals. You can rest easy knowing you are receiving the best value for your money and that your carpets will be cleaned thoroughly, quickly, and in a safe manner.

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Residue left behind by detergents and shampoos cause dirt to quickly accumulate over time.
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The Advantages of Carpet Cleaning by Armstrong

State-Of-The-Art Carpet Cleaning Trucks

Our trucks are top of the line and provide more heat and suction than the cleaning trucks used by our competitors. Our trucks also have powerful motors and custom-fit systems, specifically designed for our specialized cleaning solutions which leave your carpets clean, sanitized and almost dry. The more heat and suction power that is used during a cleaning - the more thorough and long-lasting the results are.

No One Competes With Our Cleaning Solution

We understand that you are looking for carpet cleaning services that are safe, non-toxic, natural, odor-free, fast-drying, and hypoallergenic. At Armstrong Cleaning in Door County, we don't rely on chemicals and soaps to clean your carpets like other carpet cleaning companies do. We aim to provide the highest quality of carpet cleaning and that is why we use special deionized water that lifts and removes any grime, dirt, bacteria, germs, and chemicals left behind from previous cleanings.

Not only do your carpets look and feel cleaner, they actually are healthier. Our unique cleaning solution is the perfect choice for any homeowner.


We Are Not Satisfied Unless You Are

At Armstrong Cleaning, we do more than just eliminate dirt, dander, and allergens from your carpets without using harmful chemicals and solutions. We work hard to earn your trust and make sure that you are 110% satisfied with the services we offer. Our technicians treat your home with respect and use shoe covers, corner guards, styrofoam blocks (to prevent staining), and furniture pads to protect your home. Don't worry about moving your furniture before or after your carpet cleaning, we do that for you!

If you are looking for a naturally safe, long-lasting, professional clean, then Armstrong's carpet cleaning services are for you. Give us a call to discuss your options.



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Carpet Cleaning Services

4 Benefits of Professional Carpet Cleaning

The look and feel of your carpets are immediately evident as soon as you walk through your door. Dirty and matted carpets never make for a good first impression. Unfortunately, it doesn’t matter how often you vacuum — there are just some carpet issues that require professional carpet cleaning. If you still aren’t convinced to take the plunge for scheduling a carpet cleaning appointment, we’re sharing a few major benefits of hiring a professional carpet cleaner.

How Often Should You Clean Your Carpets?

You want your carpet to last for years to come. Proper care, handling, and maintenance ensures that this desire becomes a reality. In fact, your regular vacuuming, spot and stain removal, and carpet damage repair efforts go a long way! Yet still, many property owners are curious about how often should you clean your carpets? The answer is multi-faceted. Let’s explore the recommended cleaning frequency in more detail.

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