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Exploring Door County WI

Door County is often referred to as the Cape Cod of the Midwest. It is rich in beautiful coastal towns, picturesque nature, orchards, and more. The county has more than 300 miles of shoreline, which enables you to see the sunrise and sunset over water without ever having to leave the county. Along its coast there are 19 different communities, all offering a special something of their own.

Door County, Wisconsin is frequently visited throughout the year, but its peak months are May and June. The peninsula is just northeast of Green Bay which makes it a great quick getaway location.

A Brief History Of Door County WI

The area supposedly earned its name due to a significant amount of shipwrecks and accidents that kept happening around the area which lead the French to name the area: Port des Morts (Death’s door). The county, later on, took on the name by which it is currently known: Door County WI.

The vicinity was founded in 1851 and officially organized as a county in 1861. Its history as a tourist destination is almost as old, with the first ones arriving already in 1864 when the first resorts and hotels started opening.
Besides tourism, the area’s main industry was logging.

Things To Do In Door County WI

Door County is a popular tourist destination for a reason. Besides the usual walks along the waterfronts and enjoying the hospitality of the many resorts and hotels in the area, there is a plethora of other content to enjoy.

Cave Point County Park is quite a popular destination to visit, showcasing limestone rocks that formed over 400 million years ago.

There is also the Washington Island Ferry Line, the Peninsula State Park, or if nature isn’t your main interest places like Stones Throw Winery, Harbour Ridge Winery, Cana Island Lighthouse, and more.

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