Water Damage Sturgeon Bay WI

Water damage Sturgeon Bay can be a very stressful and costly event. You can count on Armstrong Cleaning & Restoration when faced with a water loss to help you save time and money.

Water Damage Restoration Sturgeon Bay WI

Water damage Sturgeon Bay WI can happen anytime to any one of us. The causes of water damage are varied: broken pipes, overflowing sinks, or something more serious like flooding. However, the consequences of such an event can stretch out over time, causing higher costs and damages. A team of water restoration professionals can mitigate that headache for you and end up saving your precious possessions, time, and money.

Armstrong Cleaning & Restoration has the skills, knowledge, and equipment to handle any water damage case.  Whatever the source of your water loss, Armstrong Cleaning & Restoration can handle it all. When faced with water damage Sturgeon Bay WI you must act quickly. Call Armstrong Cleaning & Restoration now!

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24/7/365 Water Removal Services

When your Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin property suffers water damage, you need to move fast. Water causes increasing amounts of damage with each minute that it remains on your property. That is why it is always the best idea to hire a professional water removal company like Armstrong Cleaning & Restoration.

By working 24/7, we are able to reach your home and remove the standing water in no time. Our team will work tirelessly from the moment they arrive, and will not stop until the last drop of water is extracted.

Armstrong Cleaning & Restoration Water Extraction services are done only using the best industrial-grade equipment like water extraction pumps, water removal mats, and water extractors.

Water Damage Cleanup Process Sturgeon Bay

As soon as you call us, we will dispatch a water damage technician to perform a free property inspection. During that process, they will determine the source of the damage and give you a time and cost estimate.

As soon as we agree upon a restoration plan we will get started on the water extraction process. Our team will work tirelessly to remove every last drop of standing water.

Once the water is out, every inch of the affected area will be thoroughly inspected to find any oversaturated materials that are beyond salvation. This will speed up the drying process and help protect your property from structural instability, mold and rot.

After all these steps water is still present in the form of moisture and humidity. If the property is left in such a state, soon you would have a serious health hazard on your hands. By drying out the area and measuring the humidity levels we ensure that no mold growths happen after we are done with the process.

Water Damage Drying & Dehumidification

Water removal is crucial, but it is only the initial step of the water damage Sturgeon Bay restoration process. Following water extraction, we need to remove all the overly saturated materials like floorboards, drywall, furniture, and more. Our team will inspect the property and determine what can be salvaged and what should be thrown away. They will do their best to salvage as much as they can, but will never risk further damages to the property.

Once all the significantly oversaturated materials are removed we start the drying process. Not drying the area will lead to mold, rot, and structural instability. We use top-of-the-line dehumidifiers and air movers that will work 24 hours a day to remove every last drop of moisture from your property. This will not only protect your health, but will also ensure that the next steps of the process are done properly.

Your Trusted Water Restoration Company

Armstrong Cleaning & Restoration has earned the trust of our customers through skill, premium customer service, highly trained technicians, and our years of experience.

From water extraction to damaged materials removal and drying, our team has your back. You can count on Armstrong Cleaning & Restoration to get your property back to its original state in no time. Our team will work tirelessly to restore your property to what it once was.

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If your home has suffered from a water-related disaster do not wait. Every minute that passes gives water a chance to cause more damage, resulting in bigger repairs and higher time and money costs. If you act quickly and call the professionals right away you can save yourself significant amounts of time, money, and nerves. We will completely repair and restore your property back to its previous condition. Call now!

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